Intelligent Control Systems

At FER-PAL Technologies, we firmly believe that automation coupled with proper control systems can increase efficiency, reduce cost and minimize error. Programmable Logic Controllers and embedded controllers are used in many of our designs to automate processes, increase precision, and give feedback for our clients. This enables us to create feedback-loop designs which reduce errors in measurement and actuation. PLCs and multi-core embedded systems also allow for parallel and sequential control, minimizing cycle times without compromising functionality.  We develop intuitive user interfaces to increase control while minimizing human error.

 Control System Capabilities and Experience

  • Use of algorithms for object detection, tracking, and site measurement
  • Capture of accelerometer and gyroscopic data for sensing location and orientation
  • Vision systems for part measurement, feature inspections, and machine learning
  • Monitoring of temperature and flow control
  • Parallel and Sequential based programming for time sensitive tasks (multi-threading)
  • Integrated feedback systems (with PID controller implementations)